Bitcoin II is a digital currency that fully obsoletes earlier Bitcoin technology.

To use Bitcoin II, all you need is a Telos account and a Telos wallet.

Here's why Bitcoin II is better. It is much cheaper, much faster and much easier to use that Bitcoin:

Bitcoin II Bitcoin
Coin supply 21 million. 21 million.
Economic model 0% inflation Digital Gold. 0% inflation Digital Gold.
Governance model Immutable Code. Immutable Code.
Security vs. various attacks: Secure. Secure.
Libertarian: 100%. 100%.
Initial coin distribution: Airdrop to Telos stake. "Mining" (an airdrop to top contributors to Global Warming).
Cost to create an account: Negligible. Zero.
Transaction fees: None. Average of 0.40 USD (November 2018).
Block production rate: One every 0.5 seconds. One every 10 minutes.
Global transactions per second: 4,000 TPS (one Telos shard). 3 TPS. [*]
Transaction finalization: About 3 minutes. About 1 hour. [*]
Network energy consumption: Negligible. About 0.1% of global energy supply.
Network hardware cost: Tens of millions of USD. Tens of billions of USD.
Smart Contracts: Great stuff. Garbage.
Trading experience: Fast and decentralized. Slow and centralized.
User base: Intelligent and sexy. Google "Involuntary Celibacy."

[*] If you're using the Lightning overlay network on top of the Bitcoin network, you get a somewhat equivalent performance in exchange for an awful user experience that will never really be compensated for.


Q: What is Bitcoin II worth?

A: One BTCII is always worth one BTCII.

Q: Who created Bitcoin II, and why?

A: Bitcoin II was bestowed upon us by a mysterious programmer and fighter for Economic Liberty known on the deep dark web as MASTER BLOCK WARRIOR.

Q: What is the true identity of MASTER BLOCK WARRIOR?

A: Bitcoin II haters desperately want to pin down MASTER BLOCK WARRIOR's holy identity to some programmer dudebro with douchebag politics. However, his hagiographical identity will remain forever a mystery.

MASTER BLOCK WARRIOR is not a person, but an idea. It is an Incarnation of Liberty, descended from Heavens temporarily to bestow us with a Magical FOSS Technology of Liberation that we mortals may put to use to free ourselves from the dark evils of Inflation and Socialism.

Q: Why hold BTCII? Why not just hold Telos?

A: You need some staked Telos in your Telos wallet to be able to transfer BTCII tokens, but Telos is an Inflationary Shitcoin and you should not actually have your savings in it.

Q: Why are inflationary monetary masses always forever and ever inherently evil?

A: Because Inflated Money is COUNTERFEIT money that dilutes the savings of Moral Hard-Working People.

Inflation is Satan's way of funding corrupt socialist governments that give money to wicked lazy people that in turn spend it all on drugs. So, don't be a communist, and don't be complicit in the destruction of the West.

Put your savings in Digital Gold and do your part to incentivize Productive behavior!

Q: Why do I have to soil my pure Libertarian hands with an Inflationary Shitcoin just to use Bitcoin II?

A: You just need a little bit of it to interface with the Normies. It's either that, or you can fund Jihan Wu's Giant Global Warming Engine of Doom.

Q: What if Bitcoin holders don't switch to Bitcoin II?

A: That's a feature, not a bug. You don't really want to share an economy with thousands of people who think Ecocide is a good event ordering mechanism for a distributed system.

Q: Who maintains the Bitcoin II software?

A: Bitcoin II is a default eosio.token contract deployment in the Telos network. There is no software.

Q: Is Bitcoin II legit?

A: It is whatever its immutable smart contract code does.

Q: Is the Bitcoin II project somehow related to the Bitcoin project?

A: No.

Q: Did you steal the "Bitcoin" name and just put a "II" in front of it?

A: Yes.

Q: Who maintains the Bitcoin II website?

This website is maintained by Fabiana Cecin (fcecin AT gmail DOT com). If you can donate a better website to the project, that would be great!

Q: Who did the Bitcoin II logos?

The logos are sketches by my friend Carla Vargas. If you are interested in her work you can contact me and I'll patch you through.