This domain ran the ANUBIS ('An UBI Server') software from July to October, 2017. ANUBIS is a simple simulator of a democratic monetary system, where the system issues a fixed quantity of money, every day, to each user that has passed a social validation process (to reduce the odds that people create fake, duplicate accounts to earn extra currency).

The system did not attract many users interested in playing with it. Interest was rather minimal, with only about 20 people registering, and nobody really used it for anything. Nevertheless, the project got positive feedback from people, mostly as an interesting concept with some potential to it, etc.

It is now October 10th, 2017, and it is clear that anarchic (a.k.a. 'permissionless', or simply 'free') money creation is here to stay. The Universal Basic Income (UBI) movement continues to grow, and seems to be finding its way into the mainstream. This project continues with the goal of combining both anarchic money creation (all-digital money, using computers, the Internet and 'peer-to-peer' software and protocols) and the democratic distribution of money that is open to all humans (a.k.a. Universal Basic Income).

I have since thought about, researched and written quite a bit on the whole subject of combining UBI and crypto-currencies to produce a system that actually works, that is actually capable of obsoleting the existing non-democratic monetary systems that currently dominate the market for money products. The next incarnation of the project will be a little different in approach. It will probably be a real currency that people can actually use, just like Bitcoin, Ethereum and other anarchic digital currencies.

Global fascism is on the rise, mostly because of economic insecurity. We already know our economic scarcity is a cultural myth, manufactured to keep the current social power configuration. Universal Basic Income is probably our best bet to halt the methastasis of global fascism by providing mass economic security to all, as it provides direct and basic access to the hidden abundance of actual economic resources that can indeed provide to all. While some try to retrofit the dominant debt-based monetary system to 'pay' for UBI, others will continue to work towards creating money directly into people's hands, and thus bypassing the entire social machinery of States and Corporations that was built as a substitute, to prevent actual democracy from happening to human society.

You can follow the project on Medium to check on its progress. If you have any questions about the project, you can reach me at fcecin AT gmail DOT com.