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Welcome to the Democratic Money wiki!

This wiki is dedicated to the cause of extending democracy to the realm of economics, focusing on money and finance.

Our strategy is the institution of a Universal Basic Income for all persons by advocating for democratic currencies.

Our flagship tool is the Dailycoin cryptocurrency, which is one of the first global-scale democratic currencies.

Read the Democratic Money Manifesto.

Editing the wiki

It is not expected that this wiki will ever have more than a handful of editors. It is more of a publication that is using a MediaWiki installation to host content, than a traditional wiki. If you have a reason to want to become an editor, contact Fabiana Cecin.


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1 XDL = 30 USD (1)

1 XDL = 30 USD (2)

1 XDL = 1 USD

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UBI via 'Crypto' is about redefining what 'money' means and why we'd ever use access tokens

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