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Resumo Dailycoin

Idea: dailycoin-powered global wiki (had this idea years ago, but now with dailycoin it actually makes sense)

Dailycoin powered pastebin spec

idea draft

simplest version:

Create a wiki that allows anyone to edit and host content, but each individual page has its own dailycoin budget.

All pages have separate storage and bandwidth budgets.

When a page is served, its bandwidth budget is subtracted. A page with a budget of zero is not served.

A page's storage budget is subtracted over time (i.e. bytes/day hosting) and when that runs out, it start subtracting from the bandwidth budget. When both budgets expire, the page is deleted.

All pages can receive dailycoin deposits.

Pages cannot be edited once created since there are no user identities.

The interface is minimalistic / light-weight, inspired by Medium.

better version:

Introduce user accounts.

Pages can, by default, only be edited by the user that created them.

User accounts can receive deposits, and the user can fund pages within the system so that individual page funding doesn't involve blockchain transactions (i.e. the site is prepaid and has custody of all XDL funds deposited on every user account)

Users can give permission for other users to edit their pages.

Users are given a root path /username to post, so that all pages under that path belong to them (it looks like the git hierarchy)