OLIVE: Advanced User Guide

If you have not yet created your Olive network account, go back to the Olive home page and follow the instructions on the basic guide.

Congratulations! You have succesfully joined the Olive network! Now it's time to help grow the network and invite your family, friends, and any people you trust.

With great power, comes great responsibility! Any account in the Olive network can add an unlimited number of other accounts. So, every member is personally responsible for making sure they are inviting real, unique and trustworthy persons into the network. So, make sure to teach the people you add to the network about that responsibility, as well as following it yourself!

Adding a friend to the network

STEP 1: Verify your score is above 10 (ten)

All accounts in the Olive network have an associated numeric score, which can be any number, postive or negative.

If you have a score above zero (0), you are currently earning daily OLIVE tokens. If you have a score that is equal to zero or that is negative, then your account is suspended, that is, it is currently not considered a valid account, and it cannot collect daily OLIVEs.

If your score is ten (10) or more, in addition to being able to collect your daily OLIVE UBI, you will be able to include other Telos accounts into the Olive network.

To verify your score, you can use any Telos block explorer. We will use the EOSX Telos block explorer.

The link above will take you directly to the right form, which is where we can query the "persons" table of the "oliveaccount" contract. Fill in the "Scope" field with your account name and click on the "Refresh" link on the right-side of the screen.

You should see something like this:

The above screenshot is of my own account, "ge2damjqgage", which happens to have a score of 10,000 (ten thousand). The block explorar will show it as "100000000", that is, one hundred million. That is because the OLIVE token has four digits of precision, and the block explorer shows the score as an integer number instead. So, my account's score of "10,000.0000" (ten thousand) will be stored as "100000000", that is, the integer number "one hundred million."

A score of ten (10), which would show as "10.0000" with four digits of precision, will instead show in the block explorer as the integer value "100000", that is, one hundred thousand. So, to check if you can add other people, see if the block explorer shows your score as "100000" or more.

But wait, why not make the score an integer number in the first place? Why have four digits of precision, just like the OLIVE token?

That is because to increase the score of an account, you have to spend OLIVEs! You can increase an account's score by as little as 0.0001 OLIVE. That is the smallest unit of OLIVE, and it is stored in Telos as the integer value "1".

STEP 2: Have at least 1.0001 OLIVE tokens

To be able to add someone's Telos account to the Olive network, you will need at least 1.0001 OLIVE tokens. One (1) OLIVE token will be burned in the process as a membership fee, and the remaining amount will be converted into your friend's starting score. So if you spend 5 OLIVE to add someone to the network, their account will be created with a score of 4, and the remaining 1 OLIVE will be burned as the membership fee.

You can add someone through your Telos wallet (e.g. the Sqrl wallet) by making a transfer of OLIVE tokens from your account to their account. You specify the amount of OLIVE tokens you want to burn in the process, and then you compose an endorse command in the "memo" field of the transaction:

IMPORTANT: The start of the memo must be exactly the characters --endorse, followed by a space, followed by an endorsement message to be recorded on the Telos blockchain. If you misspell the command, the contract will think you are actually transferring tokens.

The transfer pictured above will burn 3.5 OLIVE tokens, and the account luisinacio13, which I am stating belongs to my good friend Luis Inacio, will start with a score of 2.5 (which will show in the block explorers as the integer "250000").

If your friend has already published their POP URL (see below), it is very good for the network if you include it in your endorsement memo. The more information you put in your endorsement message, the better for everyone.

STEP 3: Teach your friend about their POP (Proof-of-Personhood)

In the Olive Basic Guide, you had to set your "POP" (Proof-of-Personhood) in order to finish the configuration of your own account. That is what your friend has to do, so you can teach them to do the "STEP 4" of the basic guide here.

It is very important that every account that is added to the network is configured with a good POP. If any user spots an account that does not have a good POP (e.g. no name and/or photo of the person, or the POP URL is malformed or inaccessible), they are authorized and encouraged by the network to drain the offending account. That means they will spend their own OLIVE tokens to reduce the score of the offending account!

And that is how the Olive Network protects itself from fake and duplicate accounts and other kinds of malicious users: the community of users is responsible for collectively monitoring the health of the network, and if any accounts that seem "bad" appear in isolation or in clusters, they will spend their own OLIVE UBIs to protect the network by down-voting those accounts to a score of zero or less.

So, make sure your friends understand what the POP is and how to keep it in good condition!

If you have no idea where to host a POP page, try Steemit.

STEP 4: Send your friend some OLIVEs!

The endorsement command will burn all those OLIVE tokens into the membership fee and the initial score of your friend's account. No OLIVE tokens will be credited into your friend's account.

For your friend to be able to actually claim their OLIVE UBI, they need some amount of OLIVE that they can send somewhere, as the UBI is collected when an user sends tokens.

So, make sure to send some initial amount of OLIVE to your friend as well. Usually, 0.0010 OLIVE should be enough (that gives them 10 tries at collecting their UBI!).

Remember to tell them that they need to wait two (2) days to be able to claim their first daily OLIVE UBI token.

And that's pretty much it! Your friend is in.

But wait, there's more! See the next step.

STEP 5: Continue to endorse good accounts that are already in the Olive network

"Step 3" above can be used not only to add people to the network, but it can be used regularly to help the community establish which accounts are good and which accounts are fake. You can and should endorse any and all accounts that belong to people you know, whether it was you that added them to the network or not!

Think of endorsements as the "friendship" links in your favourite social media network. Endorsements recorded in the permanent blockchain history are the metadata that allows decentralized algorithms, operated by anyone, to establish a degree of "realness" or trust between members. Those algorithms will be the tools that will allow us to visualize the Olive network as a social network, and to make sure that fake accounts stand out and can be then targeted and removed by the community with a high degree of accuracy and confidence.

The more you endorse the people you know, the better!

OLIVE is part of the Democratic Money Project