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Welcome to the Democratic Money wiki!

This wiki is dedicated to the cause of extending democracy to the realm of economics, focusing on money and finance.

Our strategy is the institution of a Universal Basic Income for all persons by advocating for democratic currencies.

Our flagship tool is the Dailycoin cryptocurrency, which is one of the first global-scale democratic currencies.

Read the Democratic Money Manifesto.

Editing the wiki

It is not expected that this wiki will ever have more than a handful of editors. It is more of a publication that is using a MediaWiki installation to host content, than a traditional wiki. If you have a reason to want to become an editor, contact Fabiana Cecin.

Dailycoin Maximalists Association

The DMA is a group of people who believe in intentionally building the trade value of Dailycoin by buying it off both private and open markets at any chance we get to a specific trade price that is set by the group as a goal.

The current DMA target, as of September 26th, 2020, is 1 XDL = 1 USD.

The DMA should have its own social channels and some criteria for admission. Meanwhile, if you want to join the DMA, just join the Dailycoin telegram channel and we can organize something else from there.

DMA announcement on the Dailycoin Telegram channel


Ethics of Cryptocurrency

Why Dailycoin?

Quick cleos guide for UX Network

Rough Guide for buying GoodDollar from the GoodReserve

Application ideas for GoodDollar

How to implement a decentralized counterparty for a bankroll without an owner

Highlighted Twitter threads

The definition of Universal Basic Income that delivers the goods

Get into Crypto UBI, you fools!

Using the People's Seigniorage of Dailycoin to democratically direct capital to digitally-crowdfunded causes:

Dailycoin is a universal currency in the spiritual sense

Dailycoin is a currency that is created as a device to allow the ancient moral practice of sharing a "Tithe"

Everything we do changes the world because everything we do IS the world

Epistemological mapping of Crypto UBI and of Dailycoin

Crypto UBI is just another tool for you to be a God creator of love in this world

Security theory of identity oracles needs to be socially communicated to build a sense of concreteness for Crypto UBI

We have to actually do this, because it turns out we know what is to be done

Types of capital back-ends for UBI systems, with a focus on Crypto UBI systems

GoodDollar Twitter threads

Large thread on GoodDollar being a decentralized Web3 institution and a kind of singleton

Why the GoodReserve is a good idea for the 99%

Money donated to the GoodReserve works for a permanent revolution, permanently and exponentially

GoodStaking for the patient, GoodReserve for the impatient

How GoodDollar can win instant mass adoption through automated and leveraged G$ acceptance (web/mobile apps) by sacrificing profits or subsidizing the operations of an application that is a hit

Twitter threads

Dailycoin, UX/XDL, Crypto UBI and Economic Democracy

Dailycoin is a Metacurrency

How global UBI is going to happen

Very simple illustration of how we can re-signify money

Dailycoin as a virtual Intentional Community

Musings on the value and price of Crypto UBI daily-grant tokens

On identity systems versus UBI crypto-currencies

Why I fight

The psychology and power behind UBI crypto-currencies

Valuing Crypto UBI and reinventing the role of money

What is an oligarchy?

Thread on the Quatinga Velho Universal Basic Income program

State UBI vs. Mutual funding / mutual aid UBIs

Dailycoin is its community

UBI money and commerce

Dailycoin is a simple system for complex people

Redefining the entire system

Dailycoin is an open group of special practitioners

1 XDL = 30 USD (1)

1 XDL = 30 USD (2)

1 XDL = 1 USD

Dailycoin as moral/ethical money and as a moral purifier of debt

UBI via 'Crypto' is about redefining what 'money' means and why we'd ever use access tokens

UBI as how we seize the means of production, that is, ourselves

Economic dating

UBI as a new nation with its own culture

What is Crypto UBI, how can it work?

Solving taxation, deflation, financial transparency and government financial centralization

Dailycoin vs. "incentives", and why Dailycoin was created

Dailycoin 'target audience' and design decisions

Dailycoin's social layer vs. the core layer, and the "Dailycoinists"

The birth of a currency

Satire of stupid 'Proof of Work' cryptocurrency systems

Dailycoin is for giving

Where democratic money is going: thousands of currencies

The MVP of monetary democratization is a value standard and user interface for Crypto UBI

Reputation attached to tokens is an attempt to deflect our responsibility to price the money we accept

The fascism of normalized poverty

Basic Income is a slavery abolition movement

Sybil resistance is crucial for Crypto UBI currencies

Money is a religious construct

Democratic currencies are price-inflation-proof

"Financial Epsilon" concept and on how many democratic global-reach currencies we can or will have

Scoring Demurrage: converting money into another money as an automatic (and fun!) taxation mechanism

Money gets us because we want to be "valuable" to be seen by those we love

Economic democracy is required to achieve an efficient, non-feudalistic technological society

Reserve funds of dollars or euros or whatever other debt/monopoly currencies cannot get us all the way to economic and financial democracy

RENT token example: token issuance for specific causes that people can redeem

Optional taxation mechanism in Dailycoin for fun and for sticking it to the man

The "market rate" journey of Crypto UBI currencies

Implementing democratic currencies and obtaining political, legal, cultural legitimacy

Dailycoin design considerations: KYC identity oracle and wallet management vs. reach/digital inclusion

Dailycoin is an intentional currency with a "valuation oracle" and it's worth $1

Other Twitter threads

What is the real political game and why anarchist/libertarian subjectivity is key

The capitalist scam of mass exploitation as a whole social system, explained simply

Hegemonic social systems are psychologically anchored

This is how the Ruling Class is the Ruling Class

Basic Income and the software development process

Socialist Software

There is absolutely no "but" for corporate-state governments paying back their debt to the people they exploit

People only listen to power; our sick value system prioritizes mediocre technical solutions

How to deploy an EOSIO (masternode) blockchain to actually win